They have returned with a vengeance

July 8, 2019

Article originally written by C. Claiborne Ray and taken from NY Times.


Q. Why have bedbugs become such a problem? Are there any new ways to attack them?


A. Scientists believe that bedbugs have developed resistance to some insecticides, and travel is helping to spread the resistant insects worldwide.

Another major contributor is the failure of many hotels and residential landlords to identify infestations promptly, and to dispose of or treat infested bedding and carpeting.

It has been known since the 1950s that bed bugs can develop resistance to commonly used insecticides, like pyrethrin. Resistance has emerged to more products over the years.



The biological mechanisms include a thickening of the bedbugs’ exterior cuticle, so that an insecticide does not penetrate properly, and metabolic resistance, in which the insects produce extra amounts of detoxification enzymes.



The Bed Bug 911 Pest Control Solution


What differentiates Bedbug911 from all the other companies is that we take the comprehensive approach to bedbug eradication with our methods and solutions. 


This approach is designed in three segments; preparation, extermination and prevention.

Each segment of the job is as important and necessary as the others.


Bedbug911 has all three aspects covered, by combining the staff of Bedbug911 with the expert cleaning people at our sister company, Home Clean Home (HCH), we have the perfect symbiosis to get the job done.


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