Bed Bug Prep Methods and Solutions

March 25, 2019

Three Step Methods and Solutions 


Bed bug prep consists of laundry, cleaning, steaming, and using a HEPA  vacuum. Bed bugs can live through a cycle in the washing machines.


According to the 2018 “Bugs without Borders Survey,” conducted by the National Pest Management Association, there are three places pest professionals encounter bed bugs most often. They are single-family homes (91%), apartments or condos (89%), and hotels or motels (68%). On average, hotels spend about $6,383 on each bed bug-related incident.


Step 1 - Preparation


Bed Bug Prep is a first and vital step in treating bed bug infestations. The

goal is to make sure that you have taken into consideration every inch of your property to make it ready for bed bug extermination.  Bed bug prep consists of laundry, cleaning, steaming, and using a HEPA vacuum. 



Read more on Preparation for Bedbug Extermination


Step 2 - Extermination


Next is extermination. It is very  important to use natural bed bug products , so you won't have to inhale dangerous fumes.



Step 3 - Prevention


A mattress encasement is used to prevent bed bugs from ever entering or escaping the mattress. 


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