How Do I Get Bedbugs and How Can I Avoid Them?

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Bedbug infestation is a menace facing many people today. Its adverse effects have been felt majorly in hotels and residential houses. These pests are quite resilient and can survive several months to a year without feeding. For this reason, they can be rather difficult to eradicate. A licensed bedbug control professional can help you deal with them effectively. Therefore, if you have a bedbug problem in Idaho Falls or Pocatello, Rocky Mountain Bedbug can help you get rid of them through safe methods.

How do You Get Bedbugs?

These blood-sucking pests live like hitchhikers. They move from an infested site to another by hanging onto luggage, clothes, furniture, and boxes. When you visit a place with a bedbug infestation, they are likely to hide in your clothes or luggage. When you get back home eventually, you will have transferred them to your home obliviously. They then establish a new habitat in your furniture, cabinetry, or cracks and crevices in the walls.

A bedbug can move from one house to the next. If you leave in a rental apartment, these pests can easily crawl from the neighbor’s place into your home through spaces under the door. Besides that, visiting friends can also carry bedbugs unknowingly in their clothes or luggage into your home. Hotels are prone to bedbug attacks because they receive regular clients from different areas. The customers may carry pests from their home or a public place into hotel rooms.

Pests usually live in joints and crevices found in furniture and upholstery. Some of the secondhand furniture on the market may already have a bedbug infestation. When unsuspecting customers buy secondhand furniture, they will most likely spread these blood-sucking pests into their homes. In the end, they will spread to find new habitat in different rooms and surfaces.

How Can You Avoid a Bedbug Infestation in Idaho Falls and Pocatello?

There are numerous control measures you can take to protect your home or hotel from a bedbug attack. Below are the most effective control methods.

• Always inspect used furniture thoroughly before making a purchase.

• Eliminate bedbug hiding spots by using protective cover cases for mattresses and box springs. Also, ensure that you reduce the clutter in your home.

• Before checking out of a hotel room, inspect your luggage properly. You can empty all your bags on the bathroom floor and check your stuff before repacking. A bedbug is least likely to reside in the bathroom or a room with floor tiling.

• When traveling, always keep your luggage on elevated racks and not on the floor.

• If you are a hotel manager, contact a pest control company as soon as you witness signs of a bedbug infestation. If you receive a complaint from a particular room, take it out of operation and call a professional to address the pest issue.

If you follow these control measures, you will be able to control bedbugs in either your residential home or hotel in Idaho. Routine bedbug and pest inspection can ensure that these annoying pests do not spread. "


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