September 13, 2019

September 5, 2019

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Bed Bug Fact Sheet

May 24, 2017

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How to get rid of bed bugs, what causes an infestation and how to treat bites – all you need to know

April 2, 2019

Article originally sourced from TheSun




"What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small, blood-sucking insects that can be found in the joints of your mattress.


They crawl out at night and feed on human blood after biting through exposed skin.


Typically they are brown, dark yellow or red in colour, are flat and oval-shaped and are the size of an apple seed.


Although they aren’t dangerous, they can cause extreme discomfort and stress to those who are bitten by them.


They can’t jump or fly, but can crawl long distances, so can quickly spread throughout a building.


How can you spot a bed bug infestation?

Usually small, red bites on your skin will be one of the first indications that you have a bed bug problem in your house.


You can then spot further signs of small bugs, tiny white eggs in mattress crevices, or tiny black spots which could be their dried poo.


While you might not spot the creatures at first, an infestation will also see blood spots appearing on your sheets, as you squash the bugs in your sleep, and an unpleasant, musty scent in your bedroom.


How can you get rid of bed bugs?