September 13, 2019

September 5, 2019

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Bed Bug Fact Sheet

May 24, 2017

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Bed Bugs #1 painful, sleepless nightmare

August 25, 2019

Article originally sourced from TheStar




"IT had been a sleepless, living nightmare. 


For mStar editor Zainal Azhar Mohamed, it was a year-long battle with bed bugs that ended with him “surrendering” and moving his family out of the rented home. 


He believes the ordeal began after his travels in Vietnam last year.


“I think there were bed bugs at the hotel. I got itchy bites while I was there,” he recalls.


He went to three doctors. They told him that it could be mosquito bites or an allergic reaction. They gave him medication that stopped the itchiness. Yet, he kept getting bitten.


“It was only around May last year when my part-time Indonesian maid noticed that there was a musty smell – a tell-tale sign of the presence of bed bugs,” he says. 


Zainal Azhar checked his bed and noticed black marks on his mattress, a sign of bed bug fecal matter.

He recalls feeling helpless after having “tried everything” and failed. 


“All the sprays and pesticides were ineffective. I mixed Clorox with hot water and sprayed it all over my house, I used natural remedies such as soursop leaves and soursop fruits, but it all did not work.”


“I would also mop, clean and vacuum every day. I tried everything,” he says. 


His children suffered, too. “My babies kept crying at night from the bites.”


“Even I could not sleep. And when I did fall asleep, I would have nightmares about them,” he says. 

Zainal Azhar says the infestation was so severe that he could see the bed bugs in the crevices of the wall sockets in the room. He called a pest control company, which quoted him RM1,200 for one room but could not guarantee that they will be exterminated. 


“I was told that they can guarantee results for mosquito, ant and rat infestations but not for bed bugs,” he says. 


After months of sleepless nights, Zainal Azhar made the decision to move out.