Why it is Necessary for Hotels to Use BedBug911 Exterminator Bed Bug Spray?

Why it is Necessary for Hotels to Use BedBug911 Exterminator Bed Bug Spray?

  • Top hotel distribution companies market and supply BedBug911 Exterminator products to thousands of hotels.

  • Bed Bug 911 Exterminator will help your hotel avoid negative publicity and costly extermination visits.

  • No extra work needed! Used by the housekeeping staff in less than one minute per room, to prevent and remove bedbugs during their cleaning routine.

  • Bed Bug 911 Exterminator is completely safe for use around children and pets, is simple to apply.

  • Bed Bug 911 Exterminator is biodegradable and will not stain mattresses, bed linens or headboards.

  • Unlike products that use Pyrethrin (pesticide), BedBug911 Exterminator allows for the occupation of rooms during and immediately after application.

  • Bed Bug 911 Exterminator affords you the ability to make effective bed bug prevention a routine; using a leading formula that: will not stain, leave any residue.

BedBug911 Exterminator is a revolutionary product, created by New York’s top bedbug cleaning and Extermination Company to eradicate the toughest of bedbug infestations. Each time a room is turned over, and after linens are removed, your housekeeping staff sprays a light mist of BedBug911 Exterminator on the: mattress, box springs, bed skirts, headboards and furniture. The product kills all pests it contacts; both visible and invisible to the naked eye.

Hotel owners interested in purchasing BedBug911 Exterminator Products, contact us directly via: phone or e-mail, 718-627-5781 or info@bedbug911.com

Hotel guests are also encouraged to purchase our travel size exterminator which can be used in the same capacity as the housekeeping staff as a preventative measure to ensure that any bedbugs, nymphs and eggs left by the previous guest are killed on contact. Guests interested in purchasing BedBug911 Exterminator Products may do so by visiting US BedBugstoday!

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