Bed Bug Fact Sheet

Summer means sunshine, vacations, and bed bugs! Stay current with our bed bug fact sheet and always know what you are dealing with this pest season. Sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite!

The information on this bed bug fact sheet can help you stay prepared. Knowing how bed bugs operate is the best way to differentiate bed bugs from other pests, nip bed bug infestations in the bud, and decide how you'll get the most out of a bed bug exterminator or bed bug treatment should you need one.

Bed bugs travel from host to host by hiding in areas with a high frequency of visitors, and then attaching themselves to their new hosts clothing or luggage and hitching a ride home. Once they've arrived at their destination, bed bugs can spread an infestation before you'll even know they were there. It's important to always do a bed bug inspection whenever you're travelling, and after returning home.

Hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, airplanes, buses, and taxi cabs are all prime targets for bed bugs. As are thrift stores or second-hand shoppes for clothing and furniture. Keep a 3 oz Bed Bug Travel Spray handy, and always make sure to do bed bug laundry before bringing new clothing purchases into your home.

As tourists on vacation, the urge to bring home souvenirs is high. Make sure you don't bring bed bugs home, too! Stay ready, stay alert, and don't let bed bugs ruin your summer.

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