Bed Bugs Reported in Hotels Rise 660% From 2010 – 2011

Hotels and their patrons have been

victimized for years now by an apple-seed sized, professional hitchhiker: bed bugs. Both parties have been victimized so much so, that companies such as AON Risk Solutions has begun offering establishments bed bug insurance that would help cover business owners for extermination and loss of business.

The number of bed bug reports and the number of actual hotels with bed bug cases has risen considerably and when you see the numbers, you will most likely be staggered! I was. According to a report by the number of bed bug reports since the beginning of 2011 has risen a shocking 660%! And the number of hotels with reported bed bug infestations has risen an astonishing 250%!

These numbers show that bed bugs are an epidemic that has swept across the country and will only continue to get worse, as there is no large scale treatment of bed bugs with regards to pesticide. In addition, bed bugs are developing immunity to many chemical treatments, especially bed bugs in NYC.

Below are the numbers from the report which showed the cities with the greatest number of bed bug reports and the percentage increased from last year through September 1st.

Cluster of Bed Bugs on Luggage, Courtesy of University of Florida

Rank | City Name | % Increase 2010/2011

  1. Las Vegas 330%

  2. New York 135%

  3. San Francisco 209%

  4. Orlando 317%

  5. Atlantic City 282%

  6. Chicago 207%

  7. Los Angeles 329%

  8. Washington, D.C. 192%

  9. Columbus 667%

  10. Anaheim 340%

If you travel often, being informed about bed bugs will save you time, money and sleep. is a great place to check for bed bug reports at any hotel and covers both hotels and residential areas. For more traveler tips, view my last post here. Happy travels!

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