Professional Hitch Hikers Invade Saratoga Springs

“They are the most professional hitch hikers I know,” said Luis Pabon, technical director of Catseye Pest Control. “They know how to get into cracks and crevices and wherever you go, they’ll follow,” he added.

Catseye Pest Control is based out of Saratoga Springs, NY; an area experiencing a massive spike in bed bug population. Pabon continued to mention “I would say one or two calls every week. I think in the next few years, we’re going to be like New York City.”

The bed bug pandemic is spreading, and for this small community located in upstate New York the news couldn’t have come at a more inopportune time. Track season begins this Friday and for thousands of people planning to head in and enjoy the races, the footage from this Fox 23 News video can be extremely disturbing! Perhaps even enough to keep them away from the tracks at Saratoga Springs this season.

For those travelers who are not deterred by the disturbing footage, there are several preventative measures that can and should be taken to ensure safety from bed bugs.

First and foremost, when checking into any hotel room, make sure to thouroughly investigate the premises for any signs of bed bugs. Small blood stains on the bedding or furniture are tell-tale signs of infestation.

Travel with anti bed bug mattress and pillow encasements to protect your bedding; and last but certainly not least, make sure you leave your luggage in the bath tub because bed bugs cannot climb on smooth surfaces, making the bathroom the last place to find these pesky critters! This will ensure that the bed bugs don’t come back home with you, at least not in your luggage!

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