Exterminators Get Schooled on Bed Bugs

Do bed bugs get together and contemplate how they’re going to get into your home? Or how they’re going to feed on you? Probably in their own innate way, but last week, it was the opposite way around.

This time, from Thursday – Saturday in Arlington, Texas, at least 200 extermination companies and vendors got together at the first Bedbug Academy of the Southwest.

The event was hosted by Bedbug Central, a New Jersey based company in conjunction with Texas Pest Control Association.

According to the Star Telegram, an entomologist from Bedbug Central, Jeffrey White, said “Texas is a few years behind New York and New Jersey with the bedbug problem because they’ve only recently started to show up here.”

Bed bugs are a fairly new phenomenon, especially for exterminators and pest control companies in Texas according to White. The good news is that extermination and pest control companies nationwide are finding new and innovative ways to effectively deal with these vile pests.

In New York, unfortunately, exterminators have been dealing with bed bugs for quite sometime now and attempting to find the best way to get rid of bed bugs; the problem is that New York’s bed bugs are exponentially more resistant to pesticides than bed bugs from other areas.

Bed bugs reproduce extremely quickly, and thrive in areas that have a lot of clutter and are dirty. Another dilemma is that many people from outside of the United States are used to living with these pests. So when they move here, they are much more likely to “deal with it” which leads to the infestation of other units in close proximity.

New Yorkers, if you are dealing with bed bugs, time is of the essence! The quicker you find and deal with the source of the problem, the less money and time you will spend eliminating them, leaving you more time to sleep.

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