Bed Bugs Stopping ORU Students from Bringing Furniture

Oklahoma’s Oral Roberts University has prohibited its students from bringing in personal furniture because of the risk of bed bugs and other pests.

According to KJRH NBC 2 Oklahoma, an Oral Roberts senior, Cole Proffitt, was not allowed to bring his futon back into his dorm area. It was the same futon that he had in his dorm for the previous two years.

Apparently, according to ORU’s administrators, there has always been a furniture policy in effect because of fire safety and pest reasons. Proffitt went on to state, “they’ve been making exceptions to the rule for everybody to have futons and couches.”

This year however, there are no exceptions and while Proffitt understands the rule, he wishes the University would have informed its students about the enforcement prior to the beginning of the semester.

I must note however, that Oral Roberts University’s Dean of Students Dan Guajardo stated that ORU does not have a bed bug problem.

For incoming freshmen and returning students in Universities all over the country – call your University and find out what their policy is on personal furniture and you can also inquire if they are experiencing any bed bug infestations, so that you can come to school prepared.

College dormitories are the perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs and other pests. Get informed, knowledge about bed bugs can make the difference in whether you contract an infestation or stay bed bug free while at school!

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