Bed Bugs Multiply in New York City Public Schools

Most parents think about their children all day, about their whereabouts and safety. For most of those parents, the one place they can rest assured that their children are safe is in school.

According to this Daily News report, this year, 3,590 bed bug reports were confirmed by the Department of Education which is a sizable increase from last year’s total of just 1,019. If you do the math, it is more than three times last year’s total!

It is not just the scary fact that the confirmed reports have tripled, but also that extermination companies are coming into the schools and spraying harmful chemicals that your children may be breathing in; the chemicals also tend to damage regular everyday materials.

Take P.S. 197 for example where four classrooms were completely destroyed last year because of fumigation – the school is still struggling to replace the classroom libraries and teaching materials. According to the Daily News report, “DOE spokeswoman Margie Feinberg said that most incidents at city schools involved only one bedbug brought in by someone coming into the building.” Feinberg went on to state that “Schools are not hospitable environments for bedbugs.” Her statements cannot make parents, students, teachers or faculty feel any better…

Whether or not schools are hospitable environments cannot be the issue at hand. Clearly despite the environment, the confirmed reports of bedbugs at NYC public schools has more than tripled and the results are what need to be dealt with! If New York’s bed bugs can develop resistance to pesticides, maybe they are evolving to breed in “not hospitable environments.”

Instead of trying to quell the reports, perhaps the DOE should be taking aggressive action to protect our children, their teachers and all of the staff at various public schools in the New York area.

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