Bed Bugs Feed on your Blood and Mental Health

Not only do the pesky creatures known as bed bugs live in your bedding and belongings, they feed on your blood and can leave multitudes of bites all over your body; they don’t discriminate so any part of your body is vulnerable. What people don’t realize however, is that having the bed bugs biting you is the least of your problems. People that have dealt with bed bugs in the past and those who are still dealing with them currently often cite mental issues. Everyone needs sleep, not sleeping to avoid bed bug bites is not an option for most people. People infested by bed bugs often go to sleep in fear of being bitten, especially on their faces and could force you to lose sleep. If you have bed bugs, and you go to sleep, you can bet on the fact that they will be present anywhere from 3 a.m. – 5 a.m. for feeding time! If you’ve experienced bed bug bites at any given point in time, the effects of their bites on your mental health can last long after you have eliminated them (successfully). Back in 2007, in New York City, the Department of Health was claiming that the bed bug epidemic did not have a physical component so they wouldn’t have to focus on it.

Back in 2007 reported,

"They’re not the only ones who think the city could do more to crush creeping menaces. “Bedbugs are a major mental-health issue. I get tired of the Department of Health saying, ‘It’s not a physical issue, so we’re not going to focus on it,’” says Upper West Side council member Gale Brewer. She (and many exterminators) advocate a campaign along the lines of the subway-safety ads to spread word about bug-suppressing preventive steps.

It has since been agreed upon that these vile creatures present both a physical and mental threat and if they are not dealt with swiftly, they will feed on your mental health; rest assured!"

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