Bed Bug Legislation in NYC Signed Into Law

A Bed Bug Notification Bill first introduced in 2007 by State Senator Michael Gianaris was finally signed into law by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo. According to a report by The Queens Gazette, “the legislation requires that the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and all parents of potentially affected school children recieve notification from school health officials upon detection of bed bugs in their child’s school.”

The required notification entails informational brochures about bed bugs that will help parents take preventative measures which will help them make the correct decisions with regards to their family and children.

According to The Queens Gazette, city officials were able to raise $500,000 in 2010 to increase public awareness regarding the bed bug epidemic that many New Yorkers are battling diligently. In addition, a protocol has been put in place to handle bed bug cases in schools.

“Children should be able to go to school and get a good education without the threat of bed bugs hindering their ability to learn.” stated Gianaris – most parents should agree with Gianaris.

Many of our children currently enrolled in New York City public schools have a difficult time learning as it is, with bed bugs infesting schools it will be nearly impossible for those children to focus.

Education is power and Gianaris believes that all parents and students need to be educated in order to properly battle the bed bug epidemic in schools and he is right; the more you know the better equipped you will be to eliminate bed bugs in your home and the better equipped you will be to prevent them from nesting in your house in the first place!

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