Bed Bug Dog Demonstrates for Newark Children

Bed bugs in NYC have become an epidemic. They are everywhere, from movies to residencies and office buildings. Schools are no different and our kids need to be informed so they can better protect themselves .

In New York City, the amount of confirmed bed bug reports in schools more than tripled from 2009, in 2010. Students, faculty and staff members in schools all over New York City are at risk of becoming a vector for the bed bugs to come into their own homes.

According to my Fox NY, Roscoe a famous bed bug sniffing beagle gave Newark children an hour demonstration on bed bugs about a month ago at Newark Public Library. This type of demonstration with a dog as cute as Roscoe is perfect to have the children engaged and learning about this prominent NYC pest.

Educating our youth on how bed bugs operate and their tendencies is extremely vital in helping children all over avoid bringing bed bugs home.

The demonstration included a 16 page coloring book that was extremely informational to the children and taught them “how to recognize bed bugs and their signs and teaches helpful tips.”

Bed bug k9 services are extremely effective and useful, especially when treating a commercial property or apartment building with multiple infestations. The dogs can help locate the nesting areas of bed bugs which is extremely vital in bed bug eradication.

Education is the one thing that most people are lacking regarding bed bugs. The more we education we have and the more education our children have, the better chance we have of avoiding an infestation by bed bugs.

Sleeping on knowledge of bed bugs, will only lead to sleeping on and with bed bugs. Stay alert! Be Informed!

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