Love Victoria’s Secret? Buy Lingerie, get Bed Bugs for Free!

July 22, 2011

Do you love lingerie? Red, black, white, pink and multi-colored lingerie? You may have a preference, but bed bugs certainly don’t. According to this NBC New York report, Victoria’s Secret had to close its stores for a few hours earlier this week due to a bed bug sighting at their Lexington Ave. store off 58th Street.


The retailer released a statement in an attempt to ease their customer’s minds saying “”As a proactive measure, we tested our Manhattan stores.  When we found small, isolated areas that may have been impacted, we immediately took action to resolve the situation.”


Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to tell exactly how far the infestation had spread before the bed bugs were even sighted and it is more than likely, despite their proactive measures, that bed bugs will be sighted in Victoria’s Secret again.


In, the recent past, other retailers like Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch had to deal with bed bugs, clearly this bed bug problem is a lot more serious than New York City’s health officials are leading people to believe.


According to NBC New York’s article, “New York health officials say the good news is bed bugs are not particularly dangerous, because they don’t spread disease and up to 30 percent of humans don’t feel the bites one bit.”


What about the other 70% of humans? What about the New Yorkers that suffer on a nightly basis both physically and emotionally? What about the elderly and children, some of which cannot do anything to combat this viral pest?


The statement provided by New York health officials will provide little to no comfort for those struggling to eliminate bed bugs from their lives. The Department of Health needs to stop trying to spin bed bug news in a good light! It is time to take some action! If aggressive action is not taken, bed bugs, which reproduce at extremely alarming rates, will continue to do so and the problem will only get worse!


New Yorkers, it is time to put the proverbial foot down and take a stand against this disgusting creature that feeds on our flesh and blood in the early morning hours!

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