Firemen Under Fire from Bed Bugs

January 23, 2017

Firemen are often required to think quickly and to make split second, life saving decisions. Firemen from Brownsville, Texas are being put to the test once again; this time, because of bed bugs!


According to a KRGV ABC 5 Texas report, “One of the (Rio Grande) Valley’s largest fire department is dealing with one big bad problem. Their Station is infested with bed bugs.”


The Brownsville Fire Chief, Lenny Perez speculates that the bed bugs infesting his station were brought in from a call either in one of the bags or on the clothing. Bed bugs are professional hitchhikers and it’s no surprise that they were able to latch on to the firemen and proceed to infest the fire station.

If a fire station in Texas has the ability to become infested, imagine how much more of a risk there are to New York City firemen, where the bed bugs are much more prominent and resistant to pesticides and certain other treatments.


Bed bugs are an epidemic and they need to be eradicated. Every day, there is a new horrifying story about how a business, residence or apartment complex have been infested by bed bugs.


Aggressive action and cooperation from all parties involved in any given infestation are vital in culling this disgusting pest! We must work together and stop this bed bug blame game, where it is always someone else’s fault!

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