Bed Bugs Invade Astoria Queens

January 23, 2017

Yesterday at 5:30 p.m. EST, I received an e-mail notifying me  of a bed bug infestation at 34-20 30th St. in Astoria, NY. The tenant that filed the report at The Bedbug Registry is clearly upset because he/she (the website doesn’t disclose any personal information), was not notified of bed bug presence in the apartment prior to moving in.


The worst part is, according to the tenant, is that they asked for that information prior to moving in multiple times and still did not have that information disclosed; only to learn afterwards that the previous tenant moved out because of a bed bug infestation.


The tenant proceeded to state “we now see our brown flat little friends crawling out at night. Management has been unresponsive.” It is really sad that landlords and management companies all over New York City seem to be partaking in the same malicious practices over and over again.


These landlords and management companies are duping people into signing leases under false pretenses regarding bed bugs. Once the tenant moves in they find out to their disbelief that their apartment/building is infested with bed bugs and sometimes it is extremely overwhelming and tenants are unsure of what to do.


In addition, many of these landlords and management companies are large entities that can afford to pay for litigation, whereas many of the tenants are often uneducated regarding the laws and often times don’t have the monetary assets available to fight against these large companies.


Buyers and renters beware! Landlords and tenants are like vile snakes looking to draw every ounce of blood and energy out of your body. Make sure that you are adamant when renting or buying and make sure that you are well versed on bed bug laws in NYC so that when you speak to the person you are going to be dealing with, they understand that you are not playing any games.

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