Bed Bugs Getting Comfortable in Harlem

July 29, 2011

Would you move into an apartment if you knew that it had previously been infested with bed bugs? I certainly would not, and I can’t imagine a sane person that would. Earlier today, Lily, whose last name remains anonymous on, posted that she has bed bugs in her apartment and in the building; 89 East 116th Street in Harlem.


Besides for the fact that she has bed bugs in her apartment, Lily has to deal with an unclean building where, “the super  occasionally runs a mop and broom down through the stairwell but it’s not enough to keep the common area clean.”


Because of how quickly bed bugs can reproduce and infest an area, many exterminators fail in removing them from any given premises. In most apartment buildings once exterminators begin to use their techniques, these vile pests scurry and spread; this is called the cross effect. The cross effect in layman’s basically means that once extermination begins, the bed bugs will spread to the apartments across the hallway, upstairs and downstairs through the cracks and walls.


The absolute worst part of Lily’s story is that nobody involved with the building seems to care one bit, including the NYC extermination company that is treating the building regularly, making what seems to be no progress.

Anyone that has dealt with, or is currently dealing with bed bugs knows that this creature creates a high level of stress both mentally and physically. For Lily, the case is no different, “I cannot emphasize enough how distressing this experience has been, both because of the bugs themselves and of how it has been handled,” stated Lily in her write-up on


For Lily, this experience has been extremely frustrating. What is extremely appalling to me as a potential renter, is how landlords and management companies can blatantly lie to potential renters tenants as to their knowledge of bed bugs on any given premises.


According to Lily, when she inquired about her landlord Ira Krell’s knowledge to bed bugs in her apartment, he claimed he didn’t know about them. In a building as infested as this one, only a negligent landlord would lack knowledge of a bed bug infestation.


New Yorkers, the attempts of health officials, landlords and management companies to “sweep” bed bug news “under the rug” is not fair to the thousands of people suffering on a daily basis both mentally and physically because of this disgusting creature. Action must be taken! Landlords, management companies, hotels and retailers must be held accountable for their premises because this pest is spreading like wildfire and if something is not done the problem will be exponential.


Sleep well New York, if you can that is.

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