Bed Bug Removal Suits

Bed bug removal suits should always be worn during bed bug treatment, as they protect you and your clothing from coming into contact with bed bugs. You never know where a bed bug might be hiding, or how many of them you may discover during a DIY bed bug treatment, so it’s best to be prepared. The Hygea Natural bed bug removal suits are used by professional bed bug exterminators every day to stay safe on the job and prevent the bed bug infestation from spreading.

We designed our disposable coverall specifically for use by industry professionals. The bed bug removal suits that we provide offer the highest level of protection from bedbugs that there is. Our disposable coverall for bed bug treatment includes several design features that prevent you from ever making contact with the bedbugs:

  • Elastic hood, ankles, and wrists to prevent bed bugs from entering the suit

  • A fully enclosed zipper to put on and take off easily

  • Breathable, polypropylene material for easy disposal afterwards

Using the Hygea Natural bed bug removal suits means you’re fully prepared for bed bug treatment whether you’re a professional exterminator or just doing it yourself at home. All of our bed bug treatment products were developed with our clients’ needs in mind, and the disposable coverall that we offer is no different. By creating a disposable coverall that our clients can use during bed bug treatment, we are able to provide a fully comprehensive bed bug kit, with a solution for every level of bed bug treatment.

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