Queens Principal Didn’t Know Exterminators Serviced P.S. 70

September 2, 2011

If you’re scared of bed bugs, imagine ho


w scared your children would be if they woke up one day next to a bed bug infested bed with blood stains and shed exoskeletons from bed bug nymphs! This scenario may be a reality for many parents of students at P.S. 70 in Astoria Queens.


Recently, a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association: 2011 Bugs Without Borders Survey showed that schools and day care centers were treated by pest management professionals 26% more than last year, the largest increase for any industry covered by the survey!


According to United Press International, P.S. 70’s Principal, Donna Geller was not ever notified that inspectors visited her school. In addition, “parents of PS 70 students are furious that they were not notified of the infestation,” and they have every right to be infuriated.


One parent Amy Palacio expressed disappointment: “I’m dissapointed in the school,” she said, “parents have a right to know these things.” Palacio, 26, has a 6 year old daughter who attends P.S. 70 and that can be scary for any parent, young or old.


According to the report, officials stated that the bugs were brought into the school from outside. Who cares, where the bed bugs were brought in from? Nobody! It doesn’t really matter who brought them in because many New Yorkers are infested with them. The issue at hand here is that the parents were not informed that they were in the school to begin with, which is completely broken in my opinion.


In times where the economy is tight, the last thing that anyone wants in their homes are bed bugs and the only way to prevent that, is to be informed. Parents, principals, staff and teachers MUST be informed about bed bugs in their respective schools. The times are changing, bed bugs are back! Get informed or get infested, take your pick.

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