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Bed Bugs in NYC Area Nursing Homes

An epidemic has recently resurged in cities throughout the United States. Although no residence is safe, certain areas are particularly prone to bed bug infestations. A troublingly high incidence of bed bug infestations has been reported in nursing homes throughout the country.

Not surprisingly, employees and administrators in elderly care facilities throughout the nation are reacting quickly to help curb the escalating situation. The Department of Entomology at the University of Kentucky found that 18% of all bed bug infestations occur in nursing homes. Bed bugs are attracted to the heat and chemicals emitted by humans, and therefore nursing homes act as breeding grounds for the critters since they experience high rates of traffic as tens, hundreds, or even thousands of residents and facility members move about the premises often.


Furthermore, residents stay in bed for prolonged periods of time and live in close proximity to one another, and so the risk of a rapid spread from one single infestation to an epidemic is serious.

When the bed bug infestation hit the tri-state area, our sister company, Home Clean Home, encountered countless infestations while performing standard cleaning procedures. Through years of experience in the field, the cleaning team at Home Clean Home reacted quickly to move from the cleaning industry to bed bug extermination. As a subsidiary of Home Clean Home, Bedbug911© was formed as an offshoot to handle the influx of bed bug infestation cases. Some companies only perform preparatory cleaning while others only offer exterminating services. What separates Home Clean Home from other companies is that it does both.

A distressing concern of nursing home administrators is the risk of lawsuits. The latest incident came from West Virginia. The estate of woman who died from injuries sustained in a Dunbar nursing home has filed a lawsuit against Sunbridge Care and Rehab and the Sun Healthcare Group, Inc., seeking compensatory and punitive damages. The suit alleges McCarty suffered serious injuries as a result of weight loss, dehydration, malnutrition, constipation, a perforated bowel, and infections. With legal action being taken against nursing institutions for a multitude of reasons, no elderly care facility is safe. Fortunately, the cost of bed bug treatment is a mere fraction of the potential cost of a lawsuit. We at Home Clean Home can help act as a preventative measure to ensure that this crisis never happen to you.


Our solution to the problem is cleaning the area infected with bed bugs, exterminating them, and then performing follow-up cleanup to ensure that the pests do not come back. The treatments we use are nontoxic, and our products are green-friendly. We perform fast and efficient service and can often have residents back in their rooms in less than 24 hours.

In response to the bed bug incidents we’ve experienced, situations can be handled in one of two ways. We can either inspect the area to perform the necessary steps to remove and ensure the prevention of an infestation in the future. Or, our team can train the personnel of nursing homes and elderly care facilities to be fully prepared to handle the infestations themselves. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate, as they can survive for months on a single feeding. They also embed themselves in clothing, furniture, and bedding and so the extermination process can be complicated. Luckily, through years of hands on experience and countless successes out in the field, we at Home Clean Home have provided hundreds of clients with hope and solutions. We’ve serviced the entire spectrum of customers: hotels, multi-family buildings, nursing homes, university dorms, and of course single-family residences as well.

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For general information on bed bugs, view the following links: 
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Dan Frith and Lauren Ellerman of the Frith Law Firm in Roanoke, 
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