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Getting rid of bed bugs with steam is great, but to do it right you’ll need an industrial bed bug steamer. Heat is a bed bug’s natural enemy, and high temperatures can instantly eradicate a bed bug infestation on contact. A good industrial bed bug steamer delivers a blast of high temperatures to bed bugs in a localized concentration of heat, for a powerful and chemical-free bed bug extermination method.  BedBug911 always uses an industrial bed bug steamer for our bed bug steam treatment services, to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

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If you’re thinking about exterminating bed bugs with steam, then it’s important to know what your options are. A regular household steamer, such as the ones used on clothing, simply will not get hot enough to have any effect on the bed bugs whatsoever. However, an industrial bed bug steamer gets so hot that the steam takes effect immediately. Not to mention, an industrial bed bug steamer can penetrate hard to reach places with lethal temperatures to bed bugs, such as deep within a mattress. This means it has the potential to exterminate bed bugs in places where bed bug sprays or residuals may not have an effect.


BedBug911 uses one of the best industrial bed bug steamers available. It is portable, lightweight, and requires only water to kickstart an impressive bed bug extermination that not only produces results quickly, but is safe to use in the home. As with all the products we use for bed bug extermination, the BedBug911 industrial bed bug steamer is available for purchase by our DIY bed bug extermination clients - or, if you’d prefer, you can always call on us for our exemplary bed bug steam treatment services.


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BedBug911 has been serving NYC with the best bed bug treatment for over two decades. Our bed bug exterminators have the experience necessary to develop a comprehensive solution to get rid of bed bugs fast - and make sure they're gone!







1324 East 15th Street Brooklyn, NY 11230

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