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Bed Bug Hotel Prevention is Cost Effective!

If a hotel does not address a bedbug infestation immediately, it can turn into an infestation and spread throughout the hotel via guests and staff. Considering exterminators are challenged by eradicating bed bugs in one bedroom apartments, imagine a full-fledged infestation that is running rampant throughout your hotel. Quarantining rooms is extremely ineffective because bed bugs can travel through pipes and cracks as they seek a new host. Additionally, the pests can live for up to one year without a blood feeding. Prevention and Extermination become your only options as a hotel owner or manager.

With extermination being the drastically more expensive of the two options, prevention is key. A full-fledged extermination of an average sized hotel can cost thousands of dollars, and that is just for the cost of extermination. Bed bug extermination can become quite expensive. Even when a thorough extermination is conducted (including the use of bed bug dog services), there is a good chance some bed bugs and their eggs remain, leading to multiple exterminations before a large scale bed bug infestation is eradicated.

This becomes problematic for hotels, their owners and managers especially due to the constant flow of patrons and staff who can reintroduce an infestation at any time! Despite having the ability to estimate what extermination will cost for any given establishment, the total financial loss incurred by bed bugs can be catastrophic for any business. Take into account loss of business during extermination, negative publicity for having a bed bug infestation, tarnished reputation and potential lawsuits that could occur.

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How Do BedBug911's Bed Bug Products Benefit Your Hotel's Pest Prevention Routine?

BedBug911 Exterminator is best utilized, by having your knowledgeable housekeeping staff: spray down the bedding, box spring, pillows, all linens and any other common areas that bed bugs nest. Doing this will ensure that any bed bugs, bed bug nymphs (which are microscopic and nearly undetectable) introduced by the room’s previous occupant will be eliminated on contact. In addition, BedBug911 Exterminator will cost you less than $1 per room / per month! –

Incorporating these products in to your hotel’s routine bedbug prevention and pest prevention routine will effectively reduce the amount of bed bug infestations in your establishment, if not eliminate them totally.


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