Do I have bed bugs?

If you've been waking up itchy lately, or bitten by a mysterious bug you can't seem to find, then you may be asking yourself "Do I have bed bugs?" Knowing the signs of bed bug infestation, and how to identify bed bugs, can certainly help the anxiety of this question quite a bit. If it turns out that you do in fact have bed bugs, then BedBug911 is happy to help! Our bed bug specialists are experts at bed bug inspection, and can swiftly perform one of the best bed bug treatments available should a bed bug infestation be confirmed.

Signs of Bed Bugs and How to Check:

In order to be sure whether or not you have bed bugs, it is important to understand the signs of bed bugs in a home, and how to check for them. Bed bugs are masters at hiding, but once you know the signs of bed bugs and how to check for infestation, bed bug inspection is a piece of cake. Bed bugs leave behind very specific bite marks, that often itch and appear as little welts.


For example, bed bugs tend to leave multiple bites on the same area of skin, whether in a straight line or a small cluster, because they only bite places on the body that are easily accessible when a person is sleeping. This is the difference between knowing whether you have bed bugs or mosquitos.


Other signs of bed bugs include:

  • Fecal matter that appears as small dark spots around typical hiding places

  • Blood stains on sheets, mattress, couch, or other furniture

  • Shed skin/cast exoskeletons as bed bugs grow and mature


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Checking for bed bugs if you recognize these signs is the best thing you can do. To perform a bed bug inspection, check the seams of mattresses, couches, and chairs, between mattresses and box springs, around headboards and base boards, and underneath furniture cushions. Bed bugs also like to hide in between the cracks in the walls and floors, behind chipped paint or peeling wallpaper, and even inside electrical outlets. Make sure to wear protective gear such as latex gloves or polypropylene coveralls so the bedbugs don't come into contact with your clothes, and if you do find bed bugs, give BedBug911 a call!

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