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Since 1993, Bed Bug 911's sister company, Home Clean Home, has provided temp staffing and extermination services to summer camps. We have witnessed the spike of bed bug infestations in summer camps and are happy to provide wholesale pricing to all summer camps on our complete line of bed bug sprays & bedbug mattress covers. We manufacture and offer a complete line of bed bug, dust mite & allergen proof waterproof mattress covers, box spring covers & pillow covers.

Our individual summer camp customers demand a wide variety of features when ordering wholesale mattress covers. Our products include:

Bed Bug 911 Vinyl Box Spring or Mattress Covers (Most Popular)

Our 6 Gauge Vinyl mattress or box spring covers are a commodity that are necessary for every summer camp. Their versatile properties protect mattresses against stains including urine, blood, sweat, vomit and other "fun" accidents. They also provide a complete barrier against bed bugs, allergens & dust mites. Bed Bug 911 6 Gauge Vinyl mattress covers are constructed with the most durable vinyl available to avoid rips and tears during installation. We design our allergen mattress covers to fit the most popular camp mattress sizes including XL Twin and Twin mattresses. They are also available in Full, Queen and Crib sizes.

Hygea Stretchable Mattress Covers

Our Hygea Waterproof Mattress Covers combine maximum comfort while providing complete protection against bedbugs, dust mites, allergens and spills. Hygea Mattress Encasements exactly fit the size of an XL Twin Mattress. The stretchable material fits bed depths ranging from 9" up to 12". Hygea bed bug covers are as comfortable as a traditional mattress pad while offering sanitation and health benefits that protect your valued campers.

Standard Mattress Covers

Bed Bug 911® Standard Bed Bug Mattress Covers offer value to our summer camp clientele by extending the life of their mattresses, box springs and pillows. The products are Certified Bed Bug & Allergen Proof, are constructed from a comfortable fabric alternative to our vinyl mattress covers while remaining cost effective. The Standard Mattress Cover for Bed Bugs are available to fit the exact size of an XL Twin Mattress and Twin Mattress. They are available in 9 inch & 12 inch depths as well as other custom sizes including Queen, Full & Crib mattress.


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