BedBug911 offers our bed bug steam treatment as a part of our Bed Bug Prep, or as a stand alone service to get rid of bed bugs. Because steam can get rid of bed bugs with just water vapor, we recommend it be included as bed bug prep so that the bed bug steam treatment can be implemented on surfaces that are free of interference from other products. As prep, a bed bug steam treatment also clears the area of the majority of infestation, making it easier for the bed bug extermination spray to do their work!


For stand alone bed bug steam treatment services, the BedBug911 team will thoroughly inspect and treat every area of the home. We will execute our bed bug steam treatment with the same attention to detail as a regular bed bug extermination - because that’s exactly what it is.

The best part about a bed bug steam treatment is that the heat from the steam can eliminate bed bugs without the use of additional products. BedBug911 offers one of the best bed bug steam treatments around. Our team of bed bug extermination experts can thoroughly treat every area of the home with industrial-strength bed bug steamers to eliminate all traces of bed bug infestation from the home.


As resilient as bed bugs may be, no bed bug stands a chance against the BedBug911 bed bug steam treatment, no matter how tough. While some bed bugs have evolved to develop a resistance to pesticides, the heat from a bed bug steam treatment eradicates infestation instantly. A proper bed bug steam treatment can even reach into the cracks, nooks, and crannies of a wall inside which bedbugs might be lurking.

Bed Bug Steam Treatment


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Preparation For Bed Bug Extermination:

Bed Bug Control
Bed Bug Steam Cleaning
Bed Bug Removal Preparation
Bed Bug Prep NYC

We properly dispose of badly infested mattresses 

We use a HEPA vacuum on couches and furniture

We do a visual bed bug inspection of furniture

We steam clean carpets, area rugs, and furniture

Inspecting the mattress in areas bed bugs hide

Bed Bug Removal Preparation

We steam & apply treatment to sofas and furniture 

Bed Bug Inspection


BedBug911 has been serving NYC with the best bed bug treatment for over two decades. Our bed bug exterminators have the experience necessary to develop a comprehensive solution to get rid of bed bugs fast - and make sure they're gone!






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