Bed Bug Removal Service NYC

Bed Bug removal services comprise of much more than simply killing the bugs themselves. It requires extensive cleaning – cleaning which many bed bug extermination agencies expect you to do before they show up. We understand that getting rid of these creatures needs a comprehensive approach that includes systematically cleaning the space top to bottom before any spraying or patching takes place. Preventing bed bugs from re-infesting a space requires the same meticulous effort. Our highly effective bed bug removal services follow a three-step process:


Our team follows a robust procedure of clearing your house of bed bugs :


Preparation for Bed Bug removal:

Our team inspects the premises for nesting spots. We remove all clutter and bag all bedding and laundry so that we have access to all the potential hiding spots. We then vacuum, cleanse and steam clean all infested living areas and surfaces using a HEPA vacuum along with a special cleaning solution.


Bed Bug Extermination
We spray all infested areas, including mattress, upholstery, and carpet. Every crack and crevice is checked with a magnifying glass to ensure that no spot is left unchecked. Bed Bug 911 uses both green pest control solutions specifically designed for bed bug treatment that won’t harm your pets, furniture or family.


We check up within ten days of the initial treatment to ensure that no bed bugs are left. All cracks and crevices are then corked and sealed up. Bed bugs are persistent, so to ensure that we have killed them all, we set up traps throughout the space to monitor the infestation traffic. Our service is continuous, following up as many times as it takes to make sure the problem is gone.


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Bed Bug Inspection

Visual bed bug inspection of furniture

Bed Bug Inspection

Inspecting the mattress for hiding bed bugs

Bed Bug Prep NYC

We properly dispose of infested mattresses 

Industrial Bed Bug Steamer

We steam clean carpets, area rugs, and furniture

Bed Bug Control

We use a HEPA vacuum on couches and furniture

Bed Bug Removal Preparation

We steam & apply treatment to sofas and furniture 

Each step is as crucial as the others—leaving out even one undermines the eradication process. Our team includes both cleaning and extermination experts who work with specially formulated products that kill bugs without harming humans or pets.

Bed Bug 911 is the most comprehensive and professional bed bug exterminator in New York. We are fully licensed, insured, uniformed, and bonded for your protection.

We offer bedbug cleaning services and extermination at competitive prices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island and Westchester County.


Contact our NYC bed bug extermination specialists at 718-517-2227.


BedBug911 has been serving NYC with the best bed bug treatment for over two decades. Our bed bug exterminators have the experience necessary to develop a comprehensive solution to get rid of bed bugs fast - and make sure they're gone!







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