What Can Our Bed Bug Inspection Dog Do For You?

Find the nesting places that
bed bugs could be hiding.
Inspect your hotel routinely or whenever is infested.
Inspect moving trucks & your new home before moving in
Detect whether or not you have bed bugs 

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NYC Bed Bug Dog Inspection

In NYC, bed bug dog inspection is your best bet for nipping a bed bug infestation in the bud. Such a highly populated city, teeming with highly trafficked businesses, and bustling multi-family buildings needs every edge that it can get to prevent a full blown bed bug infestation from occurring. The BedBug911 bed bug sniffing dogs are NYC's secret weapons against bed bug infestation.

Bed bug sniffing dogs are especially valuable in places like Brooklyn, where people tend to live in very close proximity of each other. The BedBug911 NYC bed bug dog detection team can track down any bed bug infestation of any size, anywhere. Our bed bug sniffing dogs and their highly trained noses can find a bed bug in any stage of life, no matter where it's hiding. This is great news for businesses experiencing a bed bug scare. Instead of risking a bed bug infestation taking over, and turning into heavy losses in the forms of reduced business, extermination costs, and even law suits, let our NYC bed bug dog inspection serve as your first line of defense, so you will never have to second guess.


The BedBug911 NYC bed bug dog inspection team can work together with superintendents and business owners to keep buildings and their inhabitants safe from bed bug infestation. Our bed bug sniffing dogs can detect and alert the BedBug911 team of possible signs of infestation that the human eye cannot see. This, in turn, allows us to take preventative measures to keep residents of Brooklyn and NYC safe from bed bug bites, and the nightmare that bed bug infestations tend to be.


Schedule BedBug911's NYC bed bug dog inspection services regularly, and never worry about a bed bug infestation again.

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BedBug911 has been serving NYC with the best bed bug treatment for over two decades. Our bed bug exterminators have the experience necessary to develop a comprehensive solution to get rid of bed bugs fast - and make sure they're gone!







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