Best Bed Bug Extermination Method

The best bed bug extermination method in our professional opinion, is a 3-step method that is guaranteed to get rid of bed bugs. Simply applying bed bug extermination products, such as bed bug sprays, to a bed bug infested area is not enough to permanently get rid of bed bugs. Relying on a single technique to get the job done does not always produce effective results, either. Instead, bed bug extermination requires a variety of approaches all used together to create a comprehensive solution for treatment.

BedBug911 is one of the rare NYC companies that offers bed bug extermination products that go beyond spraying and laying down bed bug extermination products. Our team of expert bed bug exterminators can do it all, from preparation, to extermination, and everything in between. We are the only bed bug extermination service in NYC that provides both preparation and extermination in our service package, and we have perfected our techniques to ensure that we use only the best bed bug extermination methods when getting rid of bed bugs in our clients' homes.

Bed Bug Inspection

We do a visual bed bug inspection of furniture

Bed Bug Inspection

Inspecting the mattress for places bed bugs hide

Bed Bug Prep NYC

We properly dispose of infested mattresses 

Industrial Bed Bug Steamer

We steam clean carpets, area rugs, and furniture

Bed Bug Control

We use a HEPA vacuum on couches and furniture

Bed Bug Removal Preparation

We steam & apply treatment to sofas and furniture 

The BedBug911 Bed Bug Extermination Method:

Before using our non-toxic bed bug sprays anywhere in the home, our bed bug exterminators will prepare the whole area for extermination. First, they will remove all clutter and properly wrap up and discard any items that cannot be salvaged. Clothing, linens, and especially bedding will be sent to our bed bug laundry facilities where the BedBug911 team will be able to safely treat all washable items. Our team will vacuum and steam clean furniture, and every nook and cranny of the home to get rid of bed bugs and their hiding spots before extermination even begins - even places most people would not think about, like electrical outlets.

We believe that bed bug extermination products and bed bug sprays should only be applied after the majority of the infestation has already been dealt with. This method maximizes the results of the products, while minimizing the need for their use. Preparing for bed bug extermination before bed bug sprays are implemented is the best bed bug extermination method there is, because it ensures that the extermination will be effective. However, it is hard to find a company in NYC that will offer both services, despite the fact that extermination must happen in a timely fashion after preparations are complete. If you're facing a bed bug infestation, and you want the job done right, call BedBug911.

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